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The Professional Hunting Journal For The Serious Hunter

The new high-tech mobile hunting journal – the Hunters iJournal! Finally, an effortless way to convert your hunting adventures immediately into memories by using the brand-new state of the art hunters journal!

This is the most extensive iOS hunting tool that allows iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users gather detailed information about their bagged game and enter it into a hunting journal. Now, you can build your own hunter’s journal to “improve the hunt”.

Our goal is to help you understand how to improve your hunt through factual data, removing the flaws that are inherent in our memory or potentially not backed up because we’ve kept paper journals for many years.

The Hunters Journal for Android & Windows 7 Smart Phones!

The new Android and Windows smart phone versions are just around the corner!  In addition to the new versions, there will be many upgrades will be added to the already outstanding performance of the Hunter’s iJournal.   So be sure to opt-in to the “new release/updates” notification list before you leave today!

Read more about the new Android and Windows Hunter’s iJournal here!

For the cost of a handful of shotgun shells or a few rifle rounds, $2.99 is a great price!! Look for it in the app store under Hunter’s iJournal, and look for this icon!!

My old Blackberry hunting journal

Case study: I’ve retained my hunting logs on my personal Blackberry for quite a few years. Still, for my waterfowl data files, I can’t take advantage of the detailed facts buried in the data because I can’t observe it in a graph or chart interface.  With the Hunter’s iJournal, I graphically see which location, year, or blind was most effective! I can do the exact same analysis for the deer hunts I’ve done, pheasant hunts, dove and quail. If you’re an elk hunter, or an african game hunter, no matter. Tracking the data in the Hunter’s iJournal is the same.

Strategically Align Your Hunts With The Hunter’s iJournal!

The app allows you to include data from previous seasons. Thus, you can build up the data and your knowledge of when to hunt and where to hunt. Completely comprehending the critical facts over time, and from your own personal experience in your special locations are what will lead to more effective hunts.  You can likewise share images from the hunts and pertinent details with folks via electronic mail, and Facebook. It’s pretty cool to show your bagged game to all of your hunting buddies!!

The bottom line: Bagged game tells the real story too! Facts are, if you are bagging game during certain time, date, weather condition, tidal condition, moon phase, or whatever is important to the external combination’s of factors that lead to a better more productive hunt – you need to know and remember what they were. You also want to utilize that iPhone camera to record the hunt and affiliate those images with the hunt details to share them with others. And it does it by recording seasons, hunts, images, and GPS and weather condition data.

The hunter’s ijournal is very flexible and allows you to describe the season and hunts. AND THE MOST POWERFUL FEATURE: You can compare hunts with our powerful charts and graph interface. This new innovative technology combined with our hunters journal database simply creates a very powerful hunting tool.  And at $4.99, it’s the cost of a handful of shotgun shells or a few rifle rounds.

See comments about our new pro hunting journal as well as a free Dave’s Waterfowl Identification Guide!.