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Duck Hunting Boat Bow Light System

The Swamp Stomper Duck Hunting Boat Light Bar

duck hunting boat bow mounted light barQuite possibly the toughest duck boat, bow mount light bar out there, period. If you’re a waterfowl hunter, fisherman, gator hunter, explorer, or worldwide adventurer, this is, hands down the best bow light bar system for your hunting boat.

Developed for Duck Hunting boat Applications:

  1. Shallow water boats that demand superior field of vision for quick maneuverability and shallow water challenges.
  2. Commercial boating use – corrosion tolerant, light weight aluminum, lamps are rugged, framed in light weight aluminum round the panes – they are really tough!
  3. Fishing Boats
  4. 2 HID lights at 3200 Lumens!

TWO 3200 lumens lights

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